Samuel Schwarz


1971 - Producer, Theater director, Founder of 400asa, Winner of numerous prizes (including Berner Filmpreis 2012, BAK-theater prize 2016). Die Digitalbühne Zurich

Bernhard Chiquet


1953 - Artist, Art educator and Lecturer in Didactics, Design and Art HGK / PH FHNW, lives and works in Basel. têtes de moules

Özlem Yasar


1977 - Teacher, Engagements in migration, integration, refugee care. Knows region from several stays and is committed to rebuilding in material and social areas.

Werner Neuhaus


1970 - Sculptor, lives and works as a self-employed artist on the Wanner in Zollbrück. Website


1988 - Board of Directors, Project leader in Rojava, Journalist, War reporter for several years in Rojava and Shingal. Was injured in the liberation operation of the city of Rakka. This resulted in his short film about the fighters "in the capital of darkness running women". Kurdish journalism prize in the field of photography. Lives in Kobane and is an employee of a news agency. Mesopotamien / Twitterinstagram

Nazim Dastan

Martin Sturm


Architect of Franz Gertsch Museum, helps with planning and consulting of architectural projects (Kobane Memorial). 

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